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日本艺术家江上越受邀“Taipei Connections”线上展出

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江上越受日本白石画廊和台北当代的邀请,将在台北当代的首届线上平台“Taipei Connections”出展。

新冠肺炎使许多艺术展和美术馆受到影响,台北当代(Taippei Dangdai)与在线平台Ocula联合成立了在线艺术博览会“Taipi Connections”。首届在线博览会将于今年5月2日~10日举行(VIP预览将于4月30日~5月1日)。在这个系列中邀请到了国际性大型画廊

另外,在这次参展“Taipi Connections”中的99组国际画廊中,引人注目,特别值得关注的艺术家和画廊将在“Taipei Connections”展示直播现场。直播人员台北当代的艺术总监Robin(岳鸿飞),台北当代共同创办人任天普,白立方WhiteCube的姜毓芸,立木画廊的Shasha Tittmann,著名法国策展人Jerome Sans,MDC畫廊 的Claudia Albertini,著名策展人Karen Smith,豪瑟沃斯画廊香港总监蔡荔馨,常青画廊施金乐,波斯顿美术馆喻瑜馆长。


Etsu Egami was Invited by Taipei Dangdai (Taipei Art Fair) and Whitestone galley, and her work will exhibited at Taipei Dangdai's first online platform "Taipei Connections". 99 galleries participated online taipei art fair , and most important artsit and gallersit will be invited to Taipei Connections conversation. Taipei Contemporary (Taippei Dangdai) and online platform Ocula jointly established the online art fair "Taipi Connections". The first online expo will be held from May 2 to 10 this year (VIP preview will be from April 30 to May 1). In this series, large international galleries are invitedIn addition, among the 99 international galleries in the "Taipi Connections" exhibition this time, eye-catching, particularly worthy artists and galleries will be shown live on "Taipei Connections". Live broadcaster recognized by Taipei Contemporary Art Director Robin , Taipei Contemporary Co-founder Magnus Renfrew, White Cube's Jiang Yuyun, Li Mu Gallery's Shasha Tittmann, famous French curator Jerome Sans, MDC Gallery's Claudia Albertini, famous curator Karen Smith, Cai Lixin, director of Hauser & Wirth Gallery Hong Kong, Shi Jinle, Evergreen Gallery, and Yu Yu, director of the Boston Museum of Art.Then, this time, the artist selected as the most concerned artist to participate in the live broadcast is the Japanese artist Etsu Egami. The live broadcast is performed in Echijo's studio in Chiba City, Japan. The live broadcast of the studio visit will be at 2 pm on May 6, 2020.

江上越在直播中谈到了自己在日本千叶市的工作室的情况以及围绕在日本上野森美术馆举办的VOCA展(Vision of Contemporary Art)的展出作品《Portrait of communication》谈到了创作的核心观点和创作探索的过程。江上越的作品在上野之森美术馆的VOCA展中是唯一一件不能拍照的作品。这也是江上的意图,她的作品观众需要亲身体验,在作品前走动,观看,接近观众自己的意识本身才是核心。江上越在直播中谈到“这件作品表达了我的核心思想:错位的真相。把交流中的错位,距离,可视化,形象化,通过绘画的方式表达出来。”日本著名美术评论家千叶成夫谈到江上越的作品把完全不同的维度:社会现实的本质和抽象艺术的精华重新融合框架,放在了新的地平线上,他谈到江上越的作品是后绘画的开始。

In the live broadcast, Etsu Egami talked about her studio in Chiba city , Japan, and the work of "Portrait of communication", which was displayed around the VOCA exhibition (Vision of Contemporary Art) held at the Ueno-royal Art Museum in Japan, and she talked about the core concept of the creation. Viewpoint and creative exploration process. Etsu Egami's work is the only one that cannot be photographed in the VOCA exhibition at the Ueno-Royal Art Museum. This is also the intention of Etsu Egami. The audience of her work needs to experience it for herself. Walking around, watching, and approaching the audience's own awareness is the core. In the live broadcast.

Etsu Egami talked about "This work expresses the core of my concept : the truth of the mis-placement. Visualising and re-formation the dislocation, distance in communication are expressed through painting." Shigeo Chiba one of the most important curator talked about Etsu Egami's work that her work reintegrating a completely different dimension: the essence of social reality and the essence of abstract art and take them on a new horizon. He talked about Etsu Egami's work being the beginning of “post-painting”.



江上越1994年出生与日本。留学北京中央美术学院,德国HFG(The Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design)、目前在中央美术学院攻读博士课程。基于自身丰富的海外体验重新思考人类交流的可能性,从语言学到社会学,人类学,哲学等各种学术领域辛勤探索,她通过语言的起源探讨人的本性,反思语言导致的社会。她的每一个艺术「项目」,积累了大量的在地性现场调查和文献资料,用更宏观的角度,以交流的主题为主线,一个个不断深入,在国际上得到高度的评价。作为最年轻的艺术家入围Sovereign Art Foundation的亚洲杰出艺术家2020 Finalsit其作品被莫斯科车库美术馆收藏。今年入围日本艺术界的登龙门VOCA2020(Vision Of Contemporary Art)并且在日本上野之森美术馆展出。最近举办了日本白石画廊银座本馆的个展“江上越展:你的名字?”,“In to the light…Etsu Egami solo show”(德国)、“Dialogue beyond 400 years”(伦敦)、“This is not a Mis-hearing game”(北京德萨画廊)、“对话4000年-江上越个展”(日本千叶市艺术文化新人奖获奖项目)等个展。

Etsu Egami is an international artist currently being very active in Tokyo and Beijing. Based on her overseas experiences, her consistent production activities on the theme of communication have been evaluated internationally. Thus, she was nominated for the VOCA exhibition at The Ueno Royal Musem by the recommendation of Megumi Hatai, a curator of Chiba City Museum of Art.

Etsu Egami was born in Japan, in 1994. She studied abroad at HfG Karlsruhe (The Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design). in Germany, Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing. Currently, she studies at the Central Academy of fine arts for a doctor’s degree. She reconsiders the possibility of communication from her wide experience of oversea, and studies from various academic fields such as linguistics to sociology, anthropology, and philosophy including the origin of languages. Particularly, she devotes herself to a reconsideration of society by words. Her “project” gained international acclaim for the site-specific field survey and documentation. And those factors have deepened the theme of “communication” and highly praised internationally.

As the youngest artist, she was shortlisted for a sovereign art foundation as an Asian Art Prise2019 finalist, also as an outstanding Asian artist, her works were collected by the Moscow Garage Museum of Art. Most recently, solo exhibitions such as “In to the light… Etsu Egami solo show” (Germany), “Dialogue beyond 400 years” (London), “This is not a Mis-hearing game” (Beijing), “Dialogue-4,000 years-Etsu Egami Exhibition” (Chiba City Art and Culture Newcomer Award Winning Project) were held. In addition, her graduation works received a prize and collected by the Museum of the University.

江上越在日本白石画廊的东京本馆的“Gallery Collection”展,白石画廊台北馆“Spring Session”白石画廊香港HQueen’s馆“Little Fables”中展出她的近期系列的作品。东京馆只接受预约下的观看,台湾馆展览展期到5月17日,香港HQueen’s馆展到5月16日。

Now, Etsu Egami’s work are shown in Whitestonegallery Tokyo “Gallery Collection” and Whitestone gallery Taipei “Spring Session”, and Whitestone gallery HQueen’s in Hong Kong”Little fables”. Exhibition will be untill 17th on March in Taipei, untill 16th on March in Hongkong.



如错过台北当代“Taipei Connections”直播的可以台北当代的官网中可看到。




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